simple town folk scare me don't you think

by Ben Longenecker

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a collection of songs by ben longenecker recorded with addam zaino in boston, MA. from 2004? to 2005? (you try to remember yesterday)...............................these songs were recorded quickly. most of the time the day after he wrote them. we loved analog. we loved being in the studio. we loved the sound/speakers. messiness. of the 2am. call session.

" Is my jaw wrecked from turbulence? i dont' know... at least your not running the session"

not everything was good. but it was learning with a friend. I miss him. and hope to work with him again.

ben is one of the best out there. he writes good songs but never cared to put them out and these are just a glimpse of what he has the potential of creating. (stupid slow dick pansy should release his songs.)

These songs were also a departure for the backing band. mat had never played with brushes. tony is tony, but we weren't accustomed to playing with a singer. so we were learning to hang out and listen.

I hardly played anything while recording. just adding a guitar or piano after. focused on getting ben to even play a song. cause he hated them.

when i met him i had my fill of people that claimed they can play a "harmonica" but this assehole could play. making it tremolo with his mouth. I hated him because he was so good at all these instruments. While I was fooling people that I could play them.

there is a big difference when someone is able to make sound out of a block of wood. it's different when they know how to make it legitimately sing. fucking asshole.

you can play mandolin!

example of how we liked to have fun or would be so close to the studio that we could do this.
(we got that shit on speed dial)

-What's it for- was recorded.. the night that Hunter S. Pompton was on Conan O'Brien, i expected fucking HST to be dead by then. so i was full of drugs, bugs and whiskey.cause i am a jack-ass- (and lame i'm know.)(but i had ambient, so time to get fucking wild) but ben got the studio because someone canceled.
so, after it Ben forced me to come in and play drums till the sun rise. ummmm. ok.
it was stupid. glutenous. but it was fun.

6m stagger to the local food shop (brookline spa)

order for something for sleep. while the old people keno.

then stagger to bed.


released September 6, 2012

ben longenecker, addam zaino, mark anthony rossetti, mat learoyd.`



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Ben Longenecker Pennsylvania

ben longenecker writes songs on a whim.

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ben longenecker